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Maine Township to Host 6th Annual Gang Crimes Awareness Seminar with Trustee Laura Morask

Laura Morask Summer is coming and with warm weather, our local communities are often faced with an increase in gang crimes activity. We read of these kinds of incidents and whether you are a parent, a school administrator, or a senior citizen, we sometimes despair that there is nothing the average citizen can do about it. We can fight back and take back our neighborhoods! Increased awareness about the problem and the pressures facing our teens is a great first step. Our local police are making great strides but cannot do it alone without community help. To that end, we are bringing back our extremely popular panel discussion where community residents hear from local mayors, police chiefs, Chicago police gang team commanders, state's attorneys, high school administrators, and teachers, and are able to ask questions in a relaxed, non-threatening atmosphere.

Our seminar will give parents, teens, business owners, and residents some helpful strategies as well as a presentation from Trustee Laura Morask. This two-hour informative session will have local high school students, parents, residents, and administrators sharing their points of view about how best to cope with increasing peer pressure, gang recruitment, and gang "wanna be" behavior. Trustee Morask's annual update on recent gang crimes trends, colors, and behaviors will teach parents what to watch out for in their teen's behavior, and coping strategies for resisting peer pressure to join a gang. As always, an informative and comprehensive manual will be available for distribution to each attendee that night. New this year will be the "STAY OUT OF MY ROOM" exhibit, an extremely popular display done by Margaret Polovchak of MYCAF who tirelessly devotes her time to develop innovative strategies for kids to resist peer pressure related to gangs and drug/alcohol usage.

You will not only have the opportunity to ask questions directly of all of our top chiefs, deputies, and supervisors in all branches of law enforcement but also hear unique, effective strategies that you can employ including the array of effective local Township initiatives such as Maine Township's Neighborhood Watch program led by Trustee Susan Moylan-Krey, Highway Commissioner Bob Provenzano and Code Enforcement Officer Larry Bunyon's tireless efforts to innovate successful gang graffiti initiatives, and the wide array of programs our own MaineStay Department offers for teens and parents alike. What this seminar highlights is that anyone and everyone can make a difference when we join together as a township community to make our neighborhoods safer.

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