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Maine Township to Host I-Cash Presentation

Illinois State Treasurer Dan Rutherford wants to return lost, forgotten, or abandoned cash and assets to Maine Township residents.

A representative from Treasurer Rutherford's office will conduct I-Cash searches on the state's online database on Wednesday, September 12 from 1:00-4:30 PM and on Thursday, September 13, from 5-8:00 PM in the board room of the Maine Township Town Hall located at 1700 Ballard Road in Park Ridge.

The I-Cash program reunites Illinois residents with hidden wealth legally known as "unclaimed property." This wealth can be anything from long-lost bank accounts to entire estates that never made it to their rightful owner.

The Treasurer's office is holding over one billion dollars in unclaimed property for over 10 million residents and businesses. The I-Cash program aims to give it all back. I-Cash is free and easy to use, and the chance that you are on the list is greater than you might think. If you find your name, you could end up with some extra spending money.

There is no need to register; just drop in on one of those two days and bring your photo ID and social security card. For more information or to conduct your own online search, visit www.treasurer.il.gov and follow the I-Cash link.

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