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Maine Township Responds to Severe Weather

This summer our township has been repeatedly besieged by flood, heat, more flooding, more heat and the most incredible record setting weather highs and lows. It's hard to discuss anything but the weather!

We here at the township have been doing what we can to help those in need. Our Supervisor, Carol Teschky, came in on Saturday, July 23rd, somehow paddling through closed streets and downed trees to sign an emergency declaration to pave the way if the state declares our area a federal disaster area. We will keep you posted, but in the meantime, emergency kits are available and the township is open as a cooling center, if you can get there!

We are touring our local neighborhoods and recognize that everyone was hard hit by the unceasing storm armageddons. Our Office of Emergency Management, led by Bob Cohen, and the Highway Department, led by Bob Provenzano, have been working around the clock to help our residents, particularly those without power or whose homes have been decimated by flooding.

Ironically, during a time when it seems our state legislature keeps trying to tell people that townships are no longer needed, that is when we are the most sought after and always available to either help you directly or guide you to a person that can!

Maine Township Trustee Laura Morask
Maine Township