Office of Emergency Management

Office of Emergency Management Truck The Maine Township OEM is located at 1387 Redeker Road in Des Plaines and is equipped to coordinate a response to any emergency confronting Maine Township. These emergencies my include, but are not limited to fire, flood, tornado, severe thunderstorm, snowstorm, and hazardous material spills and attacks.

The OEM communications room contains radios capable of communication on police and fire bands, amateur (Ham) radio, Salvation Army and Red Cross frequencies. Maine Township OEM has its own weather station which measures rainfall, temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, and has a computer-generated predictive capability. The OEM is also hooked-up with satellite images and forecasts from the National Weather Service. The OEM's phones are separate from the Township system and are connected directly with the phone company.

The OEM's Emergency Operations Center accommodates up to thirty individuals from local emergency response entities. In the event of an emergency, command level leaders from the OEM, fire department, police, highway department, township, human services, Red Cross, Salvation Army, and other entities would work together to implement our emergency response plan. By physically placing decision makers together without the impediment of middle-men, emergency response, management, and evacuation are faster, more efficient, better organized, and safer.
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